Our Applications

With this listing you have a quick overview of all our apps.

What Are We Offering?

Our apps range from powerful batch image editing and file modifying utilities, over to the popular MP3 audio quality editing tool, easy screen capturing and a useful timer / alarm clock combination.

All of these applications have been created with our cherished no-nonsense philosophy in mind: clear, easy, portableTry it and see for yourself!


Basic File Modifier

Basic File Modifier Icon

It's a helpful utility to batch modify basic file properties: Correct filename and rename, customize creation/edit date, change attributes, sort, set location and much more.

Easy Image Modifier

Easy Image Modifier Icon

Freeware: Use it for quick and easy batch edits and renamings of your photos.

Easy Image Modifier Plus

Easy Image Modifier Plus Icon

The advanced version has more powerful features and possibilities for resizing, renaming by date, sorting, adding watermarks, changing colors, auto-cropping etc.

Easy Timer

Easy Timer Icon

Freeware: It's a very simple and customizable alarm timer with a pretty desktop clock.

Easy Timer Plus

Easy Timer Plus Icon

The Plus version has a lot more to offer: Transparency, shutdown computer, run any program, wake up, flash whole screen, play MP3 music as alarm etc.

MP3 Quality Modifier

MP3 Quality Modifier Icon

Freeware: Use it for quick and easy batch quality edits of your music files while keeping all ID3 tags and your imported folder structure intact.


Screenshoter Icon

Freeware: Capture your screen (or parts of it) with just one mouse-click or key-press.