About Us at zpired

Who we are, what we do, our mission, some history and more.

Get to Know Us

zpired (formerly InspireSoft) is a small, independent and privately held software development company founded in 2008 by Kevin Schneider. We are specialized in creating high quality applications for the daily need and handy tools for professional purposes.

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What Does It Even Mean?

You're probably wondering what zpired even means. After all it might look misspelled at first but still kind of familiar to you. Though, you won't be able to look it up in any dictionary nor find much else information about it.

In essence zpired is supposed to be a lighthearted word-play on to be inspired and the spire. In other (marketing-speak) words this could translate to our strive for no-nonsense and our passion for clear and honest excellence regarding the services we provide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop powerful applications with a high focus on understandability through clear and intuitive user interfaces, simplicity, high processing speed and portability. Our concept is to make daily tasks more user friendly and easier to perform.

From us you'll get clear, easy, portable apps which serve the purpose!

A Brief History

In October 2008 the website www.inspire-soft.net went live. Just a couple of weeks later a very early version of Easy Image Modifier followed as the first publically released app.

Then from 2009 until 2014 we've been quite busy with releasing new apps and then continuously updating them:

First Release Updates (so far)
Easy Image Modifier December 2008 20
Screenshoter January 2009 15
MP3 Quality Modifier June 2009 28
Easy Timer August 2009 14
Easy Image Modifier Plus June 2010 17
Easy Timer Plus April 2011 8
Basic File Modifier October 2011 2

2015–2018 went by without too many updates as we were testing out new (unpublished) app concepts and focused on doing consultancy work. Nevertheless we continued providing our well-known free support to our users.

In mid 2019, due to an unfortunate disagreement with our (former) hosting provider, all emails and the website itself got lost permanently. Although we generally still had control over our InspireSoft domains, the then briefly served domain parking website was neither by us nor with our endorsement.

Now in 2021, like a phoenix coming out of the ashes, we've restarting business as zpired: The website is back online (looking a little different too), all downloads work again and the release of a new free web-app is planned for the near future!

Our official website address is zpired.com. (For legacy reasons we're also managing the former inspire-soft.net, which is automatically redirecting here.)

Want to Know More?

Feel free to leave us a message, ask a question or tell your suggestion: Contact Form. We'll be very happy to get in contact with you.